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‧Keysight 6位半高效能型DMM數位萬用電錶

Keysight 6位半高效能型DMM數位萬用電錶

‧ 產品規格與說明

Keysight 6位半高效能型DMM數位萬用電錶
34410A 6 位半高性能的數位萬用電錶
34411A 6 位半增強性能的數位萬用電錶

Keysight 34410A 6½-Digit High-Performance DMM
––10,000 readings/s @ 5½-digits direct to PC
––1,000 readings/s @ 6½-digits direct to PC
––30 PPM 1-year Basic DC accuracy
––LAN, USB & GPIB standard
––DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-wire and 4-wire Resistance, Frequency,
    Period, Continuity, and Diode Test
––Capacitance & Temperature measurements
––Expanded measurement ranges
––Data logger with 50 k reading non-volatile memory

Keysight 34411A 6½-Digit Enhanced-Performance DMM
All the features of the 34410A, plus:
––50,000 readings/s @ 4½-digits direct to PC
––1 million volatile reading memory
––Analog level triggering
––Programmable Pre/Post triggering

The Best Just Got Better
The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 34410A and 34411A 6½-Digit DMMs
build on the phenomenal success of the industry-standard Keysight 34401A.
These new meters offer improved accuracy, expanded measurement capability,
dramatically improved measurement speed and throughput,
and modern computer interfaces including LAN and USB.
The dual display offers both dual measurement capabilities and ease of
use when setting up and configuring the DMM.
Improvements have been made in every facet of the 34401A
to make the best even better, whether you use it on the bench or in a system.

Dramatic Speed Improvements
Whether it’s raw reading speed or fast system throughput,
the 34410A sets a new benchmark in
performance. Using a new A/D technology, the 34410A achieves
an impressive 10,000 readings a second at 5½-digits, and can stream readings
to your computer at this same speed! Triggering is fast and precise,
with both trigger latency and trigger jitter less than 1 μs, while bus query response
is less than 500 μs. ACV measurements are faster as well thanks
to a digital measurement technique that additionally improves accuracy
at high and low frequencies. For even greater reading speeds,
select the 34411A, which achieves 50,000 readings a second at 4½-digits.

Enhanced Measurement Performance
The 34410A and 34411A offer Temperature and Capacitance capabilities,
in addition to thosemeasurements you have come to expect,
such as DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-wire and 4-wire Resistance,
Frequency, Period, Continuity and Diode Test.
You also get Offset Compensated Ohms, allowing you
to accurately measure resistance in the presence of voltages.
Measurement ranges have been expanded as well; for example,
DC and AC Current Ranges now go down to 100 μA, resulting in 100 pA resolution.
Real-time math and statistics are included,
and a peak-detect capability allows you to capture peaks as short as 20 μs